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* modularise more code
* try to free more space
13 years ago
* make buttons lock while sleep mode active
13 years ago
* better compilition depending on config file. someone with more make knowledge please ;-)
* fix warnings in simplicti code
* use RTC of the msp430 instead of the interrupt code
* fix the eggtimer. it runs to slow (like 2 seconds per second...)
* merge eggtimer into stopwatch. to much shared code that blow the firmware
== OPEN BUG ==
* very hard to debug: when the battery is quite low, the sleep init mode fails. only way currently working
is to set "bug 1" in the sleep settings and skip the init phase (very bad).
== IN WORKS ==
* autosync before/after flash
== MAYBE ==
* use bulk transfer in sleep clock mode. There is now a multistep init phase that works quite well
=== DONE ===
13 years ago
* make frequency selector work
* countdown alarm clock