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== Supported Compilers ==
IAR msp430
Patches for more (more efficient) compilers are welcome :-)
@ -52,9 +53,16 @@ It is HIGHLY suggested to make a clean build befor you flash the image with:
* More Features that can be configured with make config
* Day of week
* Disable 12h support (saves space)
* Sleep Phase Clock
* Sleep Phase Clock - primary designed for
* The wireless flashing starts differently:
Select RFBSL, Press DOWN to unlock, Press # long to start
* No BlueRobin support. BlueRobin is a closed source binary blob.
We don't have a compatible object file for that
* Pressing STAR and UP long sets silent mode (no beep)
== Usefull Tools ==
* mspdebug - debugger, proxy for gdb, flasher, ...
* msp430static - static analyzer for sourcecode
run 'make source_index' to index all source files

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* modularise more code
* try to free more space
* countdown alarm clock
* autosync before/after flash
* use bulk transfer in sleep clock mode
* make buttons lock while sleep mode active
* better compilition depending on config file. someone with more make knowledge please ;-)
* fix warnings in simplicti code
=== DONE ===
* make frequency selector work
* make frequency selector work
* countdown alarm clock