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This port consists of the following:
0) All places where I modified the original code
(hopefully) are marked with my initials PFS or pfs.
The only actual code changes were to write four
functions to replace the intrinsic functions used
by TI and IAR.
1) bluerobin code had to be elimiated because
mspgcc cannot link to the provided bluerobin library
and the source code is not available.
2) four intrinsic functions had to be written.
As of 2010-06-13 they are untested and couple of
them probably don't work yet.
3) All compiler specific areas what accommodated
IAR and CCS were enhanced to accommodate MSPgcc4
4) The Simpliciti *.dat files were converted to *.h files
5) Many of the TI source code hmave
#include <intrinsics.h> Therefore the intrinsics.h
included in this project will need to be placed in a
system directory; e.g., in
MSPGCC4\lib\gcc\msp430\4.4.3\include mspgcc4/msp430/include