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Lambert, Niek 37c10e28b9 add patches form Niek Lambert
* Added fixpointer version of altitude calculation.
when the two remaining filters get fixpointer replacments, a LOT of space gets free by not using floatpointer anywhere.
the fixpointer versions are also smaller in size.
* better display of weekday
* show time also in second line
* force gcc to not optimize anything in delay intrinsic

thanks a lot
13 years ago
Marc b52996b126 add possibility to change buzzer freq (original contrib by fertito) 13 years ago
Marc 795064fd7a Merge branch 'master' of 13 years ago
Marc fe862ac2cf Merge branch 'master' of 13 years ago
Dean Sellers 1e4c792258 Removed define of OPTION_TIME_DISPLAY and added compiler warning if not set. In preparation for move to python configuration utility. 13 years ago
Dean Sellers ae7430d448 Merge branch 'add_am_pm' 13 years ago
Eric Allen 104e18a5af Make CONFIG_ALTITUDE actually toggle Altitude module 13 years ago
Marc fbc291a63c fix 'prout' module 13 years ago
Marc 119a728287 first working (kind of) vario meter.
Still some problem of understanding with itoa and friends.
13 years ago
Marc c1db39bdd0 change example name, let space for the actual vario function 13 years ago
Dean Sellers 9a85de57bd Refactored the code to display hours so that a single function from display.c is used. 13 years ago
Marc 9ef06b5399 Very simple modification.
Displays a moving message on line2 (moves by 1char/sec).
13 years ago
Dean Sellers f563696b92 Added compile time configuration to select AM/PM or 24 hour time display.
Possible (in order of code size requirements) to compile with 24hr, AM/PM or selectable.
This also breaks the link between metric units and time display mode.
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 1ec9a94677 fixes wrong bitmask of per_second. fixes bug #1 13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 06a854158e add missing change 13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 257a19cd55 fix warning 13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner d56bdcb3f9 clear display correctly on disabled test module 13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 97e180c58e make lock press faster 13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner be00c6f7d9 add silence modus
pressing STAR and UP for long time sets silence modus (no beep)
README updates
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 326a0636f3 add more alternative views
add more alternative view constants
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 850892a9dd add option to compile out 12h code
we can save some space by compiling out the 12h am/pm code
13 years ago
unknown 2daf978279 Initial commit:
This port consists of the following:
0) All places where I modified the original code
(hopefully) are marked with my initials PFS or pfs.
The only actual code changes were to write four
functions to replace the intrinsic functions used
by TI and IAR.
1) bluerobin code had to be elimiated because
mspgcc cannot link to the provided bluerobin library
and the source code is not available.
2) four intrinsic functions had to be written.
As of 2010-06-13 they are untested and couple of
them probably don't work yet.
3) All compiler specific areas what accommodated
IAR and CCS were enhanced to accommodate MSPgcc4
4) The Simpliciti *.dat files were converted to *.h files
13 years ago