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Marc fe862ac2cf Merge branch 'master' of 13 years ago
Eric Allen 104e18a5af Make CONFIG_ALTITUDE actually toggle Altitude module 13 years ago
Marc 119a728287 first working (kind of) vario meter.
Still some problem of understanding with itoa and friends.
13 years ago
Marc c1db39bdd0 change example name, let space for the actual vario function 13 years ago
Marc 9ef06b5399 Very simple modification.
Displays a moving message on line2 (moves by 1char/sec).
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 18825f8ddf sleep phase updates
save a lot of energy by shutting of the rf part between sending. it is a interval of 2-3 seconds, so it saves
added gui to set program id
added a workaround for a very hard to fix bug when the battery is quite low in power. bug 1 sets it on
removed unused code
13 years ago
Markus Dorn 0893fa2ddf typo fixed 13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 5e0eb25f7a make use of address config on fallback init 13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner fd3ff268c8 large update to sleep clock code and simplicti
* implemented a nice send and receive framework.
  Code in simplic_tx_only loop can request receive window.
  In this window the recv of rf will be active and a R2R
  (ready to receive) package is sent. By then the AP should
  have filled outgoing buffer and a received handler is called.

* made the sleep clock use initialisation.
  When starting the sleep clock, a new session id is requested that is
  sent with every package (3 bits), together with the couter (5 bits).
  When initialized a hash of the hardware address is sent so the clock
  can detect which watch is running. Also a currently unused program id
  can be sent to select the watch program later on.
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 736b3670e7 merge in eggtimer
eggtimer taken from
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner d56bdcb3f9 clear display correctly on disabled test module 13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner f2ad741c91 make testmode configurable
allow test mode to toggle
add ifndef safty option in config generator
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner be00c6f7d9 add silence modus
pressing STAR and UP for long time sets silence modus (no beep)
README updates
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 850892a9dd add option to compile out 12h code
we can save some space by compiling out the 12h am/pm code
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 9e3f8333a7 rename main file 13 years ago