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Lambert, Niek 37c10e28b9 add patches form Niek Lambert
* Added fixpointer version of altitude calculation.
when the two remaining filters get fixpointer replacments, a LOT of space gets free by not using floatpointer anywhere.
the fixpointer versions are also smaller in size.
* better display of weekday
* show time also in second line
* force gcc to not optimize anything in delay intrinsic

thanks a lot
13 years ago
Dean Sellers f563696b92 Added compile time configuration to select AM/PM or 24 hour time display.
Possible (in order of code size requirements) to compile with 24hr, AM/PM or selectable.
This also breaks the link between metric units and time display mode.
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner e4e853f648 better config
moved pump and watchdog to config interface
mode config list use sorted dict
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner be00c6f7d9 add silence modus
pressing STAR and UP for long time sets silence modus (no beep)
README updates
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 8533816ade started phase clock
started a phase clock code to send compressed acceleration data
and send it to the clock running somewhere else
13 years ago
unknown 2daf978279 Initial commit:
This port consists of the following:
0) All places where I modified the original code
(hopefully) are marked with my initials PFS or pfs.
The only actual code changes were to write four
functions to replace the intrinsic functions used
by TI and IAR.
1) bluerobin code had to be elimiated because
mspgcc cannot link to the provided bluerobin library
and the source code is not available.
2) four intrinsic functions had to be written.
As of 2010-06-13 they are untested and couple of
them probably don't work yet.
3) All compiler specific areas what accommodated
IAR and CCS were enhanced to accommodate MSPgcc4
4) The Simpliciti *.dat files were converted to *.h files
13 years ago