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Daniel Poelzleithner 18825f8ddf sleep phase updates
save a lot of energy by shutting of the rf part between sending. it is a interval of 2-3 seconds, so it saves
added gui to set program id
added a workaround for a very hard to fix bug when the battery is quite low in power. bug 1 sets it on
removed unused code
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 21bfd0134c implement sync ping
a sync ping packet is sent when the clock enters sync mode.
this allows an ap program to sync the clock automaticly and exit the sync mode.
The sync ping packet is sent until any packet is received.
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 0e81c4ab20 fix typo in simpliciti 13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner fd3ff268c8 large update to sleep clock code and simplicti
* implemented a nice send and receive framework.
  Code in simplic_tx_only loop can request receive window.
  In this window the recv of rf will be active and a R2R
  (ready to receive) package is sent. By then the AP should
  have filled outgoing buffer and a received handler is called.

* made the sleep clock use initialisation.
  When starting the sleep clock, a new session id is requested that is
  sent with every package (3 bits), together with the couter (5 bits).
  When initialized a hash of the hardware address is sent so the clock
  can detect which watch is running. Also a currently unused program id
  can be sent to select the watch program later on.
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 09d0790577 disable unused extended simplicti api
it is not used, so save some bytes
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner b75f66a55a code reduction
merge some code to reduce code size.
make send function use the data length set
13 years ago
Daniel Poelzleithner 84f61affa8 make hardware address configurable
add gui to set hardware address for simpicti
13 years ago
unknown 2daf978279 Initial commit:
This port consists of the following:
0) All places where I modified the original code
(hopefully) are marked with my initials PFS or pfs.
The only actual code changes were to write four
functions to replace the intrinsic functions used
by TI and IAR.
1) bluerobin code had to be elimiated because
mspgcc cannot link to the provided bluerobin library
and the source code is not available.
2) four intrinsic functions had to be written.
As of 2010-06-13 they are untested and couple of
them probably don't work yet.
3) All compiler specific areas what accommodated
IAR and CCS were enhanced to accommodate MSPgcc4
4) The Simpliciti *.dat files were converted to *.h files
13 years ago