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== Vario Module ==
- Pressing the "v" (down) button cycles between displays as follows:
* vario (in m/s)
Displays a signed fractional value representing the ascent or
descent speed in meters per second.
* vario (in Pascal)
Displays a signed integer value representing the ascent or
descent speed in Pascal/second.
* pressure (in hPa)
Displays a signed fraction representing the pressure measured at
the current altitude.
* max Vz (in m/s)
Displays the maximum vertical speed in meters/second.
* min Vz (in m/s)
Displays the minimum vertical speed in meters/second.
- A long press on the "#" button performs a context sensitive function:
* during vario display, changes the vario sound mode:
Off (default, no symbol displayed)
Ascent 0 (start beeping at 0.0m/s, beeper1 and beeper2 symbols
Ascent 1 (start beeping at 0.1m/s, beeper1 symbol displayed)
Both (beep for up or down, beeper1 and beeper2 symbols
Tone frequency, number and duration of beeps depend on climb rate.
* during max/min Vz display, resets both the max and min values.
- The "record" icon is flashed at one second intervals, indicating that
the watch is in vario mode and receiving pressure measurements.
Note that the upper line must be in altimeter mode for the vario to
work, as it relies on updates from the altimeter. If the altimeter
is not active, the vario display shows "noAlt".