23 Commits (8fcba4d138eb6f1f62a0f6d7d6be31cc17f406a5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Marc Poulhiès 8fcba4d138 Better error handling and handle more variant of SVD 2 years ago
Marc Poulhiès 46dc5449c4 WIP. Take backtrace code from 'gef' 2 years ago
Laurent Ghigonis b713e9e946 Fix typo when handling clusters with no 'dim' field 3 years ago
Scott Shawcroft a6e09a4bed
Support dimensioned clusters 3 years ago
Augusto Fraga Giachero 56242e5edc Convert a map to a list [python3] 3 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 76fe009847
Fix load of nRF52840.svd 4 years ago
Ben Nahill daa8e397ef Fixed some things for more SVD files and Python 2/3 compat 4 years ago
Scott Shawcroft 03db68cc39 Support enums and default dimIndex 5 years ago
Scott Shawcroft d95d3d70ce Support clusters (used in the Atmel SAMD21) 5 years ago
Marc 2c4bc0e5a6 Skip PeripheralRegister creation only when there is no children 5 years ago
Marc 139545d336 fix indentation 5 years ago
Marc ebd75a904d expand home dir in svd_load command 5 years ago
Marc e94d2c16d3 Support for the bitRangeLsbMsbStyle field description 5 years ago
Ben Nahill fde8d93777 Fixed some big issues from recent patches after testing 5 years ago
Ben Nahill efeea2e18a Added checking for access types in SVD files 5 years ago
Ben Nahill 032db9aa3f Fixed unused imports and some poor indentation 5 years ago
Ben Nahill af90371306 Bug fixes! 5 years ago
Mark Schulte 94f1e5e8a5 [python3] Make files compatible with python3 6 years ago
Tomas Vanek 7ec63e9c05 Make description element optional. 8 years ago
Tomas Vanek 25b88ec916 Implementation of dimElementGroup 8 years ago
Ben Nahill 87b81fcb43 Introduced new structuring and a somewhat-legit packaging of sorts 9 years ago
Carl Norum 2b58c8e72f Use ordered dictionaries to represent SVD file 10 years ago
Carl Norum beb94970eb Fix crashes in 'svd' with Toshiba SVD xml file. 10 years ago
Ben Nahill a043756603 Added license and code 10 years ago