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# include module specific includes
export INCLUDES += -I$(RIOTCPU)/kinetis_common/include
# Add search path for linker scripts
export LINKFLAGS += -L$(RIOTCPU)/kinetis_common/ldscripts
# add the CPU specific code for the linker
export UNDEF += $(BINDIR)/kinetis_common/fcfield.o
# include kinetis common periph drivers
export USEMODULE += kinetis_common_periph
export USEMODULE += periph_common
#include layered power mode module
USEMODULE += pm_layered
# Define a recipe to build the watchdog disable binary, used when flashing
$(RIOTCPU)/kinetis_common/dist/wdog-disable.bin: $(RIOTCPU)/kinetis_common/dist/wdog-disable.s
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(RIOTCPU)/kinetis_common/dist/ $(notdir $@)
# Reset the default goal to not make wdog-disable.bin the default target.