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APPLICATION = libfixmath_unittests
include ../Makefile.tests_common
BOARD_BLACKLIST := arduino-mega2560 waspmote-pro arduino-uno arduino-duemilanove
# arduino-mega2560: builds locally but breaks travis (possibly because of
# differences in the toolchain)
# The MSP boards don't feature round(), exp(), and log(), which are used in the unittests
BOARD_BLACKLIST += chronos msb-430 msb-430h telosb wsn430-v1_3b wsn430-v1_4 z1
BOARD_INSUFFICIENT_MEMORY := nucleo32-f031 nucleo32-f042 nucleo32-l031 weio
USEMODULE += libfixmath-unittests
ifneq (,$(filter native qemu-i386,$(BOARD)))
export LINKFLAGS += -lm
include $(RIOTBASE)/Makefile.include