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PKG_NAME = my_pkg # name of the package
PKG_URL = # source url of the package e.g. a git repository
PKG_VERSION = v1.2.3 # version of the package to use e.g. a git commit/ref
PKG_EXT = zip # extension of this package
ifneq ($(RIOTBASE),)
include $(RIOTBASE)/Makefile.base
.PHONY: all clean patch distclean
all: patch
patch: $(CURDIR)/$(PKG_NAME)-$(PKG_VERSION)/Makefile
# Dependancy might be changed accordingly though we think the Makefile
# will be the first thing you want to change
# Here might not happen anything besides dependancy checks
# Here you apply your patch.
cd $< && patch ../patch.txt
# Here you unpack the file.
# This example assumes the common pattern that the archive contains its data in a subfolder with the same name as itself.
$(Q)$(UNZIP_HERE) $<
# Get PKG_VERSION of package from PKG_URL
# Reset package to checkout state.
rm -rf $(CURDIR)/$(PKG_NAME)-$(PKG_VERSION) && \