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APPLICATION = pkg_fatfs
include ../Makefile.tests_common
USEMODULE += shell
BOARD ?= native
# whitelist can be removed when the problem described in #6063 was resolved
# this list is composed of boards that support spi + native
BOARD_WHITELIST := native airfy-beacon arduino-due arduino-duemilanove arduino-mega2560 \
arduino-uno arduino-zero avsextrem cc2538dk fox frdm-k64f iotlab-a8-m3 \
iotlab-m3 limifrog-v1 maple-mini msb-430 msb-430h msba2 msbiot mulle \
nrf52840dk nrf52dk nrf6310 nucleo-f072 nucleo-f091 nucleo-f103 \
nucleo-f302 nucleo-f303 nucleo-f334 nucleo-f401 nucleo-f410 nucleo-f411 \
nucleo-f446 nucleo-l053 nucleo-l073 nucleo-l1 nucleo-l476 nucleo144-f207 \
nucleo144-f303 nucleo144-f413 nucleo144-f429 nucleo144-f446 nucleo32-f031 \
nucleo32-f042 nucleo32-f303 nucleo32-l031 nucleo32-l432 openmote-cc2538 \
pba-d-01-kw2x pca10005 remote-pa remote-reva remote-revb samd21-xpro \
saml21-xpro samr21-xpro sodaq-autonomo spark-core stm32f0discovery \
stm32f3discovery stm32f4discovery telosb udoo waspmote-pro weio \
wsn430-v1_3b wsn430-v1_4 yunjia-nrf51822 z1
ifeq ($(BOARD),native)
USEMODULE += fatfs_diskio_native
FATFS_DISKIO_NATIVE_DEFAULT_FILE ?= \"riot_fatfs_disk.img\"
USEMODULE += fatfs_diskio_sdcard_spi
USEMODULE += auto_init_storage
USEPKG += fatfs
include $(RIOTBASE)/Makefile.include