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* @defgroup sys_ping Ping
* @ingroup sys
* @brief Ping
#include "radio/radio.h"
void init_payload(void);
void ping_init(protocol_t protocol, uint8_t channr, radio_address_t addr);
void ping(radio_address_t addr, uint8_t channr);
void calc_rtt(void);
void print_success(void);
void print_failed(void);
void gpio_n_timer_init(void);
void adjust_timer(void);
static void ping_handler(void *payload, int payload_size,
packet_info_t *packet_info);
static void pong_handler(void *payload, int payload_size,
packet_info_t *packet_info);
void pong(uint16_t src);
typedef struct pong {
int hopcount;
int ttl;
radio_address_t radio_address;
} ping_r;
typedef struct ping_payload {
char *payload;
} ping_payload;