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* This module is currently the default network stack for RIOT and includes
* many components ranging from a @ref net_gnrc_nomac "simple MAC protocol"
* through a fully-featured @ref net_gnrc_ipv6 implementation with @ref
* net_gnrc_sixlowpan "6LowPAN" extensions to* an @ref net_gnrc_udp "UDP"
* net_gnrc_sixlowpan "6LowPAN" extensions to an @ref net_gnrc_udp "UDP"
* implementation and @ref net_gnrc_rpl.
* A list of all features contained in the @ref net_gnrc is available in the
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* USEMODULE += gnrc_rpl
* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* This will include the @ref net_gnrc_rpl module. To provide forwarding
* capabilities is necessary to build the application with
* capabilities it is necessary to build the application with
* `gnrc_ipv6_router_default` (or `gnrc_ipv6_router`), not
* `gnrc_ipv6_default` (or `gnrc_ipv6`).