core: documentation: document msg_reply_int()

Oleg Hahm 8 years ago
parent 460dcdf8bb
commit b441cdfb3a

@ -207,6 +207,20 @@ int msg_send_receive(msg_t *m, msg_t *reply, kernel_pid_t target_pid);
int msg_reply(msg_t *m, msg_t *reply);
* @brief Replies to a message from interrupt.
* An ISR can obviously not receive messages, however a thread might delegate
* replying to a message to an ISR.
* @param[in] m message to reply to, must not be NULL.
* @param[out] reply message that target will get as reply, must not be NULL.
* @return 1, if successful
* @return -1, on error
int msg_reply_int(msg_t *m, msg_t *reply)
* @brief Initialize the current thread's message queue.