Add NETOPT_CCA_THRESHOLD option to the 'netopt_t' list

Kévin Roussel 8 years ago
parent 60d4472419
commit be49059c65

@ -182,6 +182,23 @@ typedef enum {
* @brief get/set the CCA threshold for the radio transceiver
* This is the value, in dBm, that the radio transceiver uses to decide
* if the channel is clear or not (CCA). If the current signal strength
* (RSSI/ED) is stronger than this CCA threshold value, the transceiver
* usually considers that the radio medium is busy. Otherwise, i.e.
* if RSSI/ED value is less than the CCA threshold value, the radio
* medium is supposed to be free (the possibly received weak signal
* is considered to be background, meaningless noise).
* Most transceivers allow to set this CCA threshold value.
* Some research work has proven that dynamically adapting it
* to network environment can improve QoS, especially in WSN.
/* add more options if needed */

@ -51,6 +51,7 @@ static const char *_netopt_strmap[] = {