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RIOT-2017.04 - Release Notes
RIOT is a multi-threading operating system which enables soft real-time
capabilities and comes with support for a range of devices that are typically
found in the Internet of Things: 8-bit microcontrollers, 16-bit
microcontrollers and light-weight 32-bit processors.
RIOT is based on the following design principles: energy-efficiency, soft
real-time capabilities, small memory footprint, modularity, and uniform API
access, independent of the underlying hardware (with partial POSIX compliance).
RIOT is developed by an international open-source community which is
independent of specific vendors (e.g. similarly to the Linux community) and is
licensed with a non-viral copyleft license (LGPLv2.1), which allows indirect
business models around the free open-source software platform provided by RIOT.
About this release:
This release provides a lot of new features, fixes and enhancements. Among
these has been a huge cleanup regarding cppcheck and documentation, and we're
pleased to announce that all remaining doxygen and cppcheck warnings have been
fixed. We're also proud to present a Virtual File System layer and integration
of the SPIFFS file system. A lot of work has gone into support for
STMicroelectronics's Nucleo family, with RIOT now supporting 28 (up from 13)
Nucleo boards. And as always, there was a lot of under-the-hood cleanup, bug
fixing and documentation work.
About 200 pull requests with about 562 commits have been merged since the last release and about 23
issues have been solved. 32 people contributed with code in 91 days. 2697 files have been touched with
716950 insertions and 492623 deletions.
Notations used below:
+ means new feature/item
* means modified feature/item
- means removed feature/item
New features and changes
+ full C11 atomics support
+ rmutex, a recursive mutex implementation
API changes
* renamed NTOH*() -> ntoh*(), HTON*() -> hton*()
- removed gpioint API, which was unnused and obsoleted by periph/gpio
* renamed uuid module to luid
System libraries
+ VFS: virtual file system layer
+ fmt: add print_byte_hex(), fmt_lpad()
- 3DES: removed support as 3DES is considered legacy crypto
+ emCute - a small MQTT-SN implementation
+ sock_dns: a simple DNS resolver
+ SPIFFS, the first file system supported by RIOT's VFS layer
+ jerryscript, a Javascript interpreter
- added dynamixel server motor driver
- removed ltc4150 driver
- removed smb380 driver
Build System
+ Experimental distributed building using Murdock
+ most makfiles moved from root into makefiles/
+ added submodule support
Special Thanks
We like to give our special thanks to all the companies that provided us with their hardware for
porting and testing, namely the people from (in alphabeticalorder): Atmel, Freescale, Imagination
Technologies, Nordic, OpenMote, Phytec, SiLabs, UDOO, and Zolertia; and also companies that directly
sponsored development time: Cisco Systems, Eistec, Ell-i, Enigeering Spirit, Nordic, OTAkeys and Phytec.
More information
Mailing lists
* RIOT OS kernel developers list (
* RIOT OS users list (
* RIOT commits (
* Github notifications (
* Join the RIOT IRC channel at:, #riot-os
* Most of the code developed by the RIOT community is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public
License (LGPL) version 2.1 as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* Some external sources are published under a separate, LGPL compatible license
(e.g. some files developedby SICS).
All code files contain licensing information.
RIOT-2017.01 - Release Notes
RIOT is a multi-threading operating system which enables soft real-time capabilities and comes with