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dist: Makefile to work with IoT-LAB
Oleg Hahm 8 years ago
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.PHONY: iotlab-auth iotlab-exp iotlab-flash iotlab-reset iotlab-term
IOTLAB_SITE ?= grenoble
IOTLAB_TYPE ?= "m3:at86rf231"
IOTLAB_AUTH ?= $(HOME)/.iotlabrc
IOTLAB_USER ?= $(shell cut -f1 -d: $(IOTLAB_AUTH))
IOTLAB_EXP_ID ?= $(shell experiment-cli get -l --state Running | grep '"id"' | sed 's/\ *"id":\ \([0-9]*\),/\1/' | head -n1)
auth-cli -u $(IOTLAB_USER)
iotlab-exp: $(IOTLAB_AUTH)
experiment-cli submit -d $(IOTLAB_DURATION) -l $(IOTLAB_NODES),archi=$(IOTLAB_TYPE)+site=$(IOTLAB_SITE),$(ELFFILE) -n riot_makefile_experiment
experiment-cli wait
iotlab-flash: $(IOTLAB_AUTH) all
node-cli --update $(ELFFILE) -i $(IOTLAB_EXP_ID)
iotlab-reset: $(IOTLAB_AUTH)
node-cli --reset -i $(IOTLAB_EXP_ID)
ssh -t $(IOTLAB_USER)@$(IOTLAB_SITE) "test -f ~/.iotlabrc || auth-cli -u $(IOTLAB_USER)"
ssh $(IOTLAB_USER)@$(IOTLAB_SITE) serial_aggregator

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# RIOT integration into IoT-LAB
Check the Wiki to see how to build and run RIOT on FIT IoT-LAB:
## Control IoT-LAB via Make
### Requirements
This feature requires to have a valid account for the FIT IoT-LAB
(registration there is open for everyone) and the
[iot-lab/cli-tools]( to be installed.
### Description
The folder `dist/testbed-support/` contains a `Makefile.iotlab` that defines
some targets to control RIOT experiments on IoT-LAB using the GNU Make build
system. In order to use this, one has to include this Makefile at the end of
the application's Makefile, like this:
include $(RIOTBASE)/dist/testbed-support/Makefile.iot-lab
### Variables
This Makefile introduces some additional variables (default values in
* IOTLAB_DURATION (30 minutes)
* IOTLAB_TYPE (m3:at86rf231)
* IOTLAB_AUTH ($HOME/.iotlabrc)
* IOTLAB_EXP_ID (taken from first experiment in running state)
### Targets
It defines the following targets:
* iotlab-exp
* iotlab-flash
* iotlab-reset
* iotlab-term
**Please note:** All targets that require an already running experiment will
use the first experiment of the user that has already entered state "Running"
if `IOTLAB_EXP_ID` is not set.
#### iotlab-exp
This schedules a new experiment on the FIT IoT-LAB and waits until it enters
"Running" state. It will request `IOTLAB_NODES` nodes of type `IOTLAB_TYPE`
for `IOTLAB_DURATION` minutes at site `IOTLAB_SITE`. It will also flash the
binary of the current application to all registered nodes. The name of the
experiment is set to "riot_makefile_experiment"
#### iotlab-flash
This target updates the application on all registered nodes of the given
experiment to the current version of the application.
#### iotlab-reset
This target resets all registered nodes of the given experiment.
#### iotlab-term
Uses ssh to login the user on the IoT-LAB server of the specified site and
start the `serial_aggregator` to communication with all registered nodes.