make: set OBJDUMP = $(PREFIX)objdump for gnu targets.

Ian Martin 8 years ago
parent 0d066bc145
commit ce71e53d74

@ -35,6 +35,8 @@ export LINK # The command used to link the files. Must take the
export LINKFLAGS # Flags to supply in the linking step.
export OBJCOPY # The command used to create the HEXFILE.
export OFLAGS # The parameter for OBJCOPY, e.g. to strip the debug information.
export OBJDUMP # The command used to create the assembly listing.
export OBJDUMPFLAGS # The parameter for OBJDUMP.
export SIZE # The command to read to size of the ELF sections.
export UNDEF # Set by the BOARD's and CPU's Makefile.include, this contains object files with must not be used in the ELFFILE even if the if no call to the functions.
export WERROR # Treat all compiler warnings as errors if set to 1 (see -Werror flag in GCC manual)

@ -6,4 +6,5 @@ export AS = $(PREFIX)as
export LINK = $(PREFIX)gcc
export SIZE = $(PREFIX)size
export OBJCOPY = $(PREFIX)objcopy
export OBJDUMP = $(PREFIX)objdump
export DBG = $(GDBPREFIX)gdb