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Anthony Merlino aa1056a33b boards/arduino*: Unifies PORT_<OS> settings
All boards define a default PORT_LINUX and PORT_DARWIN
arduino-atmega-common uses PORT_LINUX and PORT_DARWIN accordingly
6 years ago
Anthony Merlino 7e79e85f17 boards/arduino-duemilanove: Updates board to comply with refactored arduino-atmega-common structure 6 years ago
Laurent Navet 80cf8389a8 boards: add arduino uno and duemilanove support
Uno and Duemilanove(atmega328p version) are nearly the same boards.
The only difference is that the Duemilanove use an FTDI usb chip,
while the Uno use an Atmel which acts as USB/Serial converter.
All of the code needed to support these boards is in arduino-common.
7 years ago