8 Commits (084db19107aafe084cf6ff0d8d3e950a82303b9a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
smlng 3d12edfd7f tests: cleanup, remove RIOTBASE, already defined in Makefile.tests_common 6 years ago
Vincent Dupont ad0f0877cc tests,examples: sort BOARD_INSUFFICIENT_MEMORY alphabetically 6 years ago
smlng 52fadaf23a tests: remove redundant board and quiet statements 6 years ago
smlng f84e8a37e2 tests: add missing include for Makefile.tests_common 6 years ago
Cenk Gündoğan bc12c7a69a tests: cpp11_thread: vtimer to xtimer 7 years ago
Cenk Gündoğan 447d0be129 tests/cpp11_thread: BOARD_INSUFFICIENT_RAM => BOARD_INSUFFICIENT_MEMORY 8 years ago
Joakim Gebart 2e36564ea1 tests/cpp11_thread: Clean up Makefile 8 years ago
Joseph Noir bddaee751d Add replacement headers for thread, mutex and cond 8 years ago