7 Commits (084db19107aafe084cf6ff0d8d3e950a82303b9a)

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smlng 6a037ad004 tests: add prefix to Makefile.tests_common 6 years ago
Hauke Petersen f09a631d66 tests/periph_cpuid: s/CPUID_ID_LEN/CPUID_LEN/ 7 years ago
Hauke Petersen 9943f51080 global: renamed cpu-conf.h into cpu_conf.h 8 years ago
Martine Lenders 0eb2d78dda doc: use my real name 8 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 801928df4d tests/periph_cpuid: let test fail w/o CPUID_ID_LEN 8 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann a20e287a96 make: introduce and use periph_cpuid feature 8 years ago
Hauke Petersen 69ab0c5d32 test/periph_cpuid: renamed cpuid test application 9 years ago