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105 Commits (0f2fa7883cf75bec70d3ade0ec8d3e00b8151a7c)

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Oliver Hahm 13767043e7 [cpu/cc430/gpioint]
* introduced gpioint to make buttons usable
13 years ago
Oliver Hahm ddcbd10a03 [RTC]
* added a general RTC header
* added RTC support to chronos
13 years ago
Oliver Hahm 830f17246c [Chronos]
* changed display driver interface from uint8_t* to char*
* fixed hardware timer interrupt
* ported cc1100 driver
* added simple test application for radio

* fixex config and flashrom

* removed dependency from sysconfig
13 years ago
Oliver Hahm c750108ca5 [cpu/cc430 cpu/msp430-common]
* fixed timera1 irq
13 years ago
Oliver Hahm 8304a8ae7b [board/msb-430-common board/eZ430-Chronos cpu/msp430*]
* reorganized msp430 based cpu folders
13 years ago