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Martine Lenders 1724b97b23 doc: add build capacities for LESS 6 years ago
Joakim Nohlgård 7e8f001d43 doc: Remove doxygen_entrydb_*.tmp when cleaning
Doxygen 1.8.12 leaves these files behind after finishing the build.
6 years ago
Joakim Nohlgård a3aa865541 doc: Only strip core, drivers, and sys include path prefixes
fixes tons of false warnings on cpu_conf.h headers in cpu

/tmp/RIOT/cpu/atmega1281/include/cpu_conf.h:12: warning: the name `/tmp/RIOT/cpu/atmega1281/include/cpu_conf.h' supplied as the second argument in the \file statement matches the following input files:
Please use a more specific name by including a (larger) part of the path!
6 years ago
Andreas Paul Pauli bce61166ee doc: provide include path list for riot.doxyfile 7 years ago
Oleg Hahm 72bc12e146 doxygen: add make targets to build man and latex
HTML will be build per default.
8 years ago
Joakim Gebart 68ce9397cb doc/doxygen: Clean up Makefile 8 years ago
Joakim Gebart 262ae9b0a8 doxygen: Clean leftover doxygen_objdb_*.tmp files. 8 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 43b191fa00 make: make doc clean target ignore failures 9 years ago
Oliver Hahm b6f21700ce * clean up stuff (fix gcc warnings and added clean target for doc) 10 years ago
Oliver Hahm 5ffe5a9c27 * renamed makefiles to Makefile 10 years ago