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Cenk Gündoğan e783191b2e sys/bloom: pass bitfield to bloom instead of allocating memory 8 years ago
René Kijewski 05eb6e73d9 bloom: fix calloc invocation
Fix array member type (`char` vs `uint8_t`).

Found via scan-build.
8 years ago
Cenk Gündoğan 0a4ea07daa sys: use typedef for `struct bloom_t`
`bloom_t` is defined as a struct.
`_t` can mislead the user to think of bloom_t
as a typedef (see our coding conventions) instead of a struct.
Thus, I modified `struct bloom_t` to be a *typedefed* struct.

Another solution would be to rename bloom_t to sth. like bloom_s
everywhere and use `struct bloom_s` instead of `bloom_t`.
9 years ago
René Kijewski 0cc699c0ce lint: reduce scope
Fix some lint warnings of kind
style (variableScope): The scope of the variable '…' can be reduced
9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 3ca4f18479 doc: use lgplv2.1-short license header instead of lgpl-short-riot 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann b6846e31fc doc: fix most occurences of FU as an author
.. but only if there are other authors as well
9 years ago
René Kijewski 840c0f0a57 make: detect their module name automatically
For many modules the `Makefile` contains a line like
MODULE:=$(shell basename $(CURDIR))
This conclusively shows that we do not have to set the module name

This PR removes the need to set the module name manually, if it is the
same as the basename. E.g. for `…/sys/vtimer/Makefile` the variable
make `MODULE` will still be `vtimer`, because it is the basename of the
9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 2525920426 remove trailing whitespace and newlines 9 years ago
Christian Mehlis 96d0eafc1a spelling: fix autor to author 9 years ago
Oleg Hahm 593ee623b6 simplify and unify include pathes
* exporting include path in sys is mandatory for subfolders
* removed duplicate object file in linker call
10 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann d6c213fb47 fix grammar in license header 10 years ago
Christian Mehlis 2e44523b51 change the bloom filter to filter arrays of bytes
current implementation of the bloom filter only
handles c strings, this commits changes the hash
functions to work on byte arrays.

additionally I did:
	added to more hashes
	moved hashes in its own sys folder
10 years ago
Christian Mehlis 0fb5e89c89 moved doc to header and converted it to doxygen 10 years ago
Christian Mehlis 5a45d15894 initial bloom filter import 10 years ago