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Joakim Nohlgård 5203ad2643 k60: Use kinetis_common ldscript, rectify CPU_MODEL to full part number 7 years ago
Joakim Nohlgård 4a9cb807c6 k60: Remove (broken) support for first revision K60 hardware
The CPU has multiple issues and several parts of the platform code
does not even compile cleanly for this CPU in the current state.

This removes support for parts MK60DN256ZVLL10, MK60DN512ZVLL10
(note the Z) CPUs with this part number were used in Mulle v0.60 which
only has been used in some in-house projects at Eistec and LTU.
7 years ago
Johann Fischer e95afc80fb kinetis_common: use cortexm_common ldscript
kinetis.ld includes cortexm_common ldscript, the fields for the
isr vectors and fcfield remain in kinetis.ld.
8 years ago
Joakim Gebart ed81e35e4c cpu/kinetis_common: refactor ldscripts
- Merged the two kinetis_common ldscripts into a single script.
 - Updated cpus to use the new script
 - Updated K60 to merge sram_l and sram_u into one segment
8 years ago
Joakim Gebart de486ff79f k60: Initial commit of K60 CPU.
Tested on the following Freescale Kinetis K60 CPUs:

 - MK60DN512VLL10

The port should with a high probability also support the following variations of the above CPUs (untested):

 - MK60DN256VLL10

And possibly also:

 - MK60DX256VLL10
 - MK60DX512VLL10
 - MK60DN512VLQ10
 - MK60DN256VLQ10
 - MK60DX256VLQ10
 - MK60DN512VMC10
 - MK60DN256VMC10
 - MK60DX256VMC10
 - MK60DN512VMD10
 - MK60DX256VMD10
 - MK60DN256VMD10

Currently not working on the following CPUs (Missing PIT channel
chaining necessary for kinetis_common/periph/timer implementation):

 - MK60DN256ZVLL10
 - MK60DN512ZVLL10
 - MK60DX256ZVLL10
 - MK60DX512ZVLL10
 - MK60DN512ZVLQ10
 - MK60DN256ZVLQ10
 - MK60DX256ZVLQ10
 - MK60DN512ZVMC10
 - MK60DN256ZVMC10
 - MK60DX256ZVMC10
 - MK60DN512ZVMD10
 - MK60DX256ZVMD10
 - MK60DN256ZVMD10

Regarding header files from Freescale:

   dist/tools/licenses: Add Freescale CMSIS PAL license pattern

Redistribution is OK according to:

Archive copy in case the above link disappears:

Applies to:
 - MK60DZ10.h (K60 variant)
9 years ago