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Francois Berder 74a999abe4 cpu: mips: Fix missing include for pic32mx and pic32mz
Compilation for pic32mx and pic32mz did not include the path
to cpu/mips_pic32_common/include. Also,
cpu/mips_pic32_common/Makefile.include was never parsed. It was
found that mips32r2_common and mips_pic32_common are both defining
similar parameters for linkers which cause issues if both
Makefile.include get parsed.

Signed-off-by: Francois Berder <>
7 years ago
Neil Jones 241087fd76 cpu: mips-pic32mz: Add support for PIC32MZ devices
specific support for the pic32mz2046efg100 is added along with code common to
all pic32 devices and all pic32mz devices.
7 years ago