22 Commits (5dc146269dcb8269358b35f58589ad2ac33fb762)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Alexandre Abadie 74d2cb94f1 tests: add small nucleo32 to insufficient memory list 6 years ago
Cenk Gündoğan 63e99eb9d6 tests/driver_nrf24l01p_lowlevel: add note about compatilibity 6 years ago
Hauke Petersen 5cb10ca9ea drivers/nrf24l01: adapted to SPI API changes 6 years ago
Kaspar Schleiser 7718f114cb all: remove pointer casts for msg.content.ptr 7 years ago
Cenk Gündoğan b863fabfcf tests: nrf24l01p: use xtimer in Makefile 7 years ago
Hauke Petersen ddd4117e12 tests/driver_nrf24l01p_lowlevel: simplified Makefile 7 years ago
Thomas Eichinger 34bedb4870 tests: Makefiles: s/GPIO(x,y)/GPIO_PIN(x,y)/ 7 years ago
Kaspar Schleiser 1fe205924a tests: driver_nrf24l01p_lowlevel: use xtimer_usleep 7 years ago
Kaspar Schleiser 25c0fc0eb7 tests: driver_nrf24l01p_lowlevel: swithc to xtimer 7 years ago
Kaspar Schleiser 25f900e489 tests, examples: adapt to simplified shell 8 years ago
Joakim Gebart 316c71d91f tests/driver_nrf24l01p_lowlevel: Fix shell warnings 8 years ago
Hauke Petersen 1bd7111a7b tests: pass [get|put]char directly in shell_init 8 years ago
Hauke Petersen 315ac1bedb tests: adjusted test to changed GPIO interface 8 years ago
Lucas Jenss 426170b064 Improve naming of thread stacksize/priority constants 8 years ago
Joakim Gebart 58524b7c21 tests/driver_nrf24l01p_lowlevel/README.md: trailing whitespace and line lengths 8 years ago
kushalsingh007 9aae656be9 shell: Return-based error-handling for shell handlers 8 years ago
PeterKietzmann 7aaa99221d tests/driver_nrf24l01p_lowlevel: adapt doc. 8 years ago
PeterKietzmann a3031ec04e tests/driver_nrf24l01p_lowlevel:improve by checking for errors 8 years ago
Hauke Petersen ec62cbf7ac test/driver_nrf24l01p: changed default GPIOs 8 years ago
PeterKietzmann d8a26d5aa6 Initial import of nrf24l01p lowlevel functions 8 years ago