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14 Commits (62fc1e0c3d1d766eb187fbf9a662144a7a4786a8)

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Hauke Petersen fe5023b7d4 boards: adapted to HWRNG changes 7 years ago
Hauke Petersen 296ff6a427 boards/arduino-due: added support for Arduino API 7 years ago
nqdinh 348dee5f4b boards/arduino-due: enable periph_cpuid feature 7 years ago
Hauke Petersen 528e832c90 boards: cleaned up entries in Makefile.features 8 years ago
Hauke Petersen 8d89b95af5 boards: added missing periph_timer feature 8 years ago
Andreas "Paul" Pauli ba66a3d63f cpu/sam3x8e: add pwm peripheral driver 8 years ago
Tom Van den Eynde 51581907c4 boards/arduino-due: split FEATURES_PROVIDED over multiple lines 8 years ago
Philipp Rosenkranz 02d0c88284 tests/travis: split buildtests into MCU groups. 8 years ago
Hauke Petersen fdbf6720c3 boards: enabled C++ for arduino-due and udoo 8 years ago
Hauke Petersen 3b193b99b5 board/arduino-due: added missing UART defines
- added port defines to periph_conf.h
- added feature to Makefile.features
9 years ago
René Kijewski 765c88d08a make: allow drivers to implement features
This change allows drivers (or any module for that matter) to provide
features. This is e.g. useful if a board does not have a transceiver,
but your application uses `USEMODULE += some_driver`, which implements
the transceiver interface.

The line `FEATURES_PROVIDED += some_feature` should go to the guarded
block in `{sys,drivers}/Makefile.include`.
9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 3b52057fe5 make: introduce and use periph_random feature 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 92079312e2 make: introduce and use periph_spi feature 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 6262c4427e make: add gpio feature 9 years ago