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8 Commits (62fc1e0c3d1d766eb187fbf9a662144a7a4786a8)

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Hauke Petersen 801eeceb59 cpu/cortexm: removed unused pm include in panic.c 7 years ago
Kaspar Schleiser ca7bf15ac4 core: panic: adapt to pariph/pm 7 years ago
Kaspar Schleiser 0194091673 remove obsolete lpm code 7 years ago
Toon Stegen 63c0e9bec6 cortexm_common: print trapped interrupt from ipsr
The IPSR (=Interrupt Program Status Register) contains the exception
type number of the current Interrupt Service Routine. Printing this
out can be useful to detect if a certain interrupt is not implemented.
8 years ago
Kaspar Schleiser c3f7186d4e unify usage of inline assembly 8 years ago
Joakim Nohlgård 98c465008b all: Update @gebart family name, email 8 years ago
Oleg Hahm 49917a5797 core: cpu: fix check for DEVELHELP 8 years ago
Hauke Petersen b8dd144e03 cpu: unified cortexm_common folder
- removed coretx-m[0|3|4]
- moved their content to cortexm_common
- adjusted cortex Makefiles to this new name
- adjusted cortex Makefiles new structure
8 years ago