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Joakim Nohlgård 98c465008b all: Update @gebart family name, email 8 years ago
Joakim Gebart c9bdbd1a74 lis3dh: Refactor, add INT1 handling, improve FIFO mode 8 years ago
Hauke Petersen 2cc2d9f740 drivers: adjusted drivers to changed GPIO interface 8 years ago
Joakim Gebart 065d70ac4d lis3dh: Add missing spi_release in error cases. 8 years ago
kushalsingh007 3dbe4cd8af Reducing the scope of variable after running static code analyser.
- Part of fix for issue number 480 (variableScope)
- Suppression of warnings that are not needed.
8 years ago
Joakim Gebart ca56de8251 lis3dh: New device driver for LIS3DH accelerometer sensors.
LIS3DH MEMS digital output motion sensor ultra low-power high
performance 3-axes "nano" accelerometer

Manufacturer website:

Data sheet:

tests/driver_lis3dh is a simple test application for testing on actual

Signed-off-by: Joakim Gebart <>
8 years ago