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Kaspar Schleiser f44763f346 make: adapt Makefiles to AD -> Q rename 7 years ago
Leon George 533e23fab0 pkg/Makefile.http: complete Makefile-example 9 years ago
Leon George bff3bf72c8 pkg/Makefile.{http,git}: Minor issues resolved.
The were two recipes for clean. One of them is now "dist-clean"
9 years ago
René Kijewski a70ee0f022 make: centralize wget/curl & unzip/7z feature test
With many open PRs that could benefit from loading SDKs when needed,
instead adding vast amounts of code to RIOTs master, this PR provides
the "functions" `$(DOWNLOAD_TO_STDOUT)`, `$(DOWNLOAD_TO_FILE)`, and

The first "function" takes one argument, the URL from where to download
the content. It is then piped to stdout. To be used e.g. with `tar xz`.

The second "function" taken two arguments, the destination file name,
and the source URL. If the previous invocation was interrupted, then the
download gets continued, if possible.

The last "function" takes one argument, the source ZIP file. The file
gets extracted into the cwd, so best use this "function" with
`cd $(SOME_WHERE) &&`.

The clumsy name `$(UNZIP_HERE)` is taken because the program "unzip"
takes the environment variable `UNZIP` as the source file, even if
another file name was given on the command line. The rationale for that
is that the hackers of "unzip" hate their users. Also they sacrifice
hamsters to Satan.
9 years ago
Martin Lenders cbd3b16fe4 Add package porting infomation 10 years ago