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René Kijewski 4a9864ebc7 make / cortex m: replace hyphen in module name
When you compile for UDOO, you are greeted by a multitude of this
<command-line>:0:14: warning: ISO C99 requires whitespace after the macro name [enabled by default]

The reason for that is the argument `-DMODULE_CORTEX-M3_COMMON`.

This PR fixes this problem by replacing hyphens with underscores for the
`-D…` argument.
9 years ago
René Kijewski d19fc447ed make: make DIRS usable for applications 9 years ago
René Kijewski a8064fd97c Automatically remove dups in `$(USEMODULE)` 10 years ago
René Kijewski 3f59eefbaf Use subfolders in bin dir
Creating all object files in one directory is bound to produce name
clashes. RIOT developers may take care to use unique file names, but
external packages surely don't.

With this change all the objects of a module (e.g. `shell`) will be
created in `bin/$(BOARD)/$(MODULE)`.

I compared the final linker command before and after the change. The
`.o` files (e.g. `startup.o`, `syscall.o` ...) are included in the same
order. Neglecting the changed path name where the `.o` files reside, the
linker command stays exactly the same.

A major problem could be third party boards, because the location of the
`startup.o` needs to the specified now in
`boards/$(BOARD)/Makefile.include`, e.g.
export UNDEF += $(BINDIR)msp430_common/startup.o
10 years ago
René Kijewski e740fbc800 make: Add DEFAULT_MODULE and DISABLE_MODULE
Closes #926
10 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 91814e52ae make: replace MAKEBASE with RIOTBASE
10 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann d58da976c6 make: add Makefile.pseudomodules and use it
BASELIBS now defines targets for anything in USEMODULE that is not in PSEUDOMODULES
move defaulttransceiver to Makefile.pseudomodules
10 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 8ac4f3332d core cpu: add defaulttransceiver pseudomodule
update examples/default
10 years ago
Oleg Hahm 93e32953b3 always build and initialize hwtimer
Eliminates special treatment of the hwtimer module and makes it a
mandatory part of the kernel.
10 years ago
Martin Lenders 24b63bd9f0 Update libcoap 10 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 73a2c4edf2 move Makefile.dep include
boards modify USEMODULE which can lead to additional dependencies.
including Makefile.dep last enables it to resolve all dependencies.
10 years ago
Oleg Hahm 8d13f57ae4 add basic include pathes by default 10 years ago
Oleg Hahm 593ee623b6 simplify and unify include pathes
* exporting include path in sys is mandatory for subfolders
* removed duplicate object file in linker call
10 years ago
Oleg Hahm 1e665b49de build everything in the project directory 10 years ago
Oleg Hahm 6297516371 restructured and fixed arm architecutre files 10 years ago
Oleg Hahm 19e4034ace Merge branch 'thomas-mc1322x'
10 years ago
Oliver Hahm 3d85573f9d add kernel headers to default include path 10 years ago
Oleg Hahm de038ed38c * some minor Makefile cleanup 11 years ago
Oliver Hahm 2c6b406d2d * renamed msp430_common module name 11 years ago
Oliver Hahm f13ef5f500 * restructured cpu folder to distinguish between arm and lpc common files 11 years ago
Oliver Hahm e6177e811a * moved cpu and board specific parts to corresponding Makefiles
* introduced variable for cpu folder
11 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 2883ca121e migrate to current Makefile structure 11 years ago
Oliver Hahm 3a69aa8ebc * added arm_common to include path for lpc2387 in Makefile.modules
* cleaned dist/Makefile up
11 years ago
Oliver Hahm 7a4dec1830 * replaced new Makefile name in Makefiles 11 years ago
Oliver Hahm 5ffe5a9c27 * renamed makefiles to Makefile 11 years ago