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7 Commits (91ff52a897bff6350e701224a67b336beb5e6f0e)

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Hauke Petersen 0ccadc0f7b boards/nucleo: added and use common board folder 7 years ago
Joakim Nohlgård ae108581d3 boards/*/Makefile.include: replace $(shell ls) by native Makefile functions 7 years ago
Joakim Nohlgård 7835ab2be7 make: Move BOARD and CPU includes to Makefile.modules 7 years ago
Joakim Nohlgård fae9a092fd boards: Remove Makefile.include.cortexm_common 7 years ago
Hauke Petersen 49dcb692d1 boards: adapted Makefiles to cortexm_common folder
- changed naming of cortexm_common in makefiles
- included some minor cleanups
8 years ago
Kaspar Schleiser 71b6c32713 board: nucleo-f091: adapt to common board Makefile 8 years ago
Hauke Petersen 7ccf184cd1 boards: added support for nucleo-f091 8 years ago