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smlng 692cf96297 doc: fix doxygen grouping of cpu periph drivers 6 years ago
Neil Jones 1838ca575a cpu: mips: Add EIC interrupt mode support.
Note this is only supported in unvectored mode currently.
6 years ago
Neil Jones c74ec1c253 cpu: mips: Add support for mips32r2
cpu/mips32r2_common adds base architecture support for mips32r2 cores it can be
 built in it own right as a 'CPU', but is dependant on a bootloader (like
 u-boot) to have bootstrapped the system, this has been tested on a 'malta'
 FPGA system (BOARD=mips-malta) with various mips32r2 compliant cores
 (interAptiv, P5600, etc).
6 years ago
Neil Jones eb9985119b cpu: mips32r2_common: Add make infrastructure for mips. 6 years ago