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authmillenon 4f363ce0fe Define phony make targets 10 years ago
Martin Lenders 8a24a8f000 Use rm -rf instead of rmdir
This way make clean runs more... cleanly
10 years ago
Oliver Hahm 1491f6d8e0 * added quotes to main Makefile to deal with spaces in PATH 11 years ago
Oleg Hahm 990b199d08 * let Make ignore non-empty directories on deleting (instead of letting rmdir ignore it) 11 years ago
Oliver Hahm e6177e811a * moved cpu and board specific parts to corresponding Makefiles
* introduced variable for cpu folder
11 years ago
Oliver Hahm 5ffe5a9c27 * renamed makefiles to Makefile 11 years ago