22 Commits (a188d7670b0a133c8fd15483d510e7247f7f12a6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Kees Bakker bac5cda1e3 periph/i2c: convert char to uint8_t where applicapable 6 years ago
Oleg Hahm b428979a1d debug: add missing line breaks 6 years ago
Joakim Nohlgård 73b4804c4c drivers/srf08: Remove tautological null-pointer check 7 years ago
Kaspar Schleiser e934063b15 srf08: use xtimer 7 years ago
Joakim Gebart 13832d8e62 everything: Remove filename from @file Doxygen command 8 years ago
PeterKietzmann a1e8cedf6b drivers/srf08: Acquire exclusive access to I2C bus 8 years ago
PeterKietzmann 46fdcf64c1 drivers/srf08: initial import of the updated ultrasonic driver 8 years ago
Hinnerk van Bruinehsen 4b68b9e547 lint: fix redundantAssignment warnings 8 years ago
René Kijewski 0cc699c0ce lint: reduce scope 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 5fdce06b3b doc: use lgplv2.1-short license header instead of lgplv2-short-v1 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann b6846e31fc doc: fix most occurences of FU as an author 9 years ago
René Kijewski 840c0f0a57 make: detect their module name automatically 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 91814e52ae make: replace MAKEBASE with RIOTBASE 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 2525920426 remove trailing whitespace and newlines 9 years ago
Oleg Hahm 593ee623b6 simplify and unify include pathes 9 years ago
Zakaria Kasmi 4fb64f8e91 revise error messages and fixed encoding 9 years ago
Zakaria Kasmi e49318e856 SRF08 driver, new handling of failed sensor initialization. 9 years ago
Zakaria Kasmi 11b34f0f0b SRF08 driver, ranging function supports various modes. 9 years ago
Zakaria Kasmi af48f588c9 SRF08 driver, updated rangig function getting the number of echos 9 years ago
Zakaria Kasmi 6d3a56420e SRF08 driver, new functionality + changes. 9 years ago
Zakaria Kasmi 4f4501f09d small changes + coding conventions + updated files descriptions. 9 years ago
Zakaria Kasmi 2c3fce7212 Driver for the SRF08 Ultrasonic Ranger 9 years ago