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Toon Stegen 37c4810fba cpu/native: allow multiple netdev2 tap devices
With arg added to async_read callback in 7020b7c0, we don't need to keep
track of netdev2_tap locally. As a result we can use multiple
netdev2_tap instances.
7 years ago
Toon Stegen 7020b7c09c cpu/native: add args to async_read callback
this makes it possible to pass some generic pointer that's given back as
an argument when the callback is called.
7 years ago
Yonezawa-T2 3c16e8426f native: add timeout for select. Fixes #5442 7 years ago
Yonezawa-T2 79d33897cb native: add UART driver based on /dev/tty
uart0 functionality is removed by #3164. This patch implements periph/uart,
rather than deprecated uart0, using /dev/tty.
To use with netdev2_tap simultaneously, this patch adds asynchronus read system
and modifies netdev2_tap to use it.

A TTY device is specified on command line with -c (COM) option, since -t was
used by the old implementation.

This patch also implements empty GPIO driver needed by the xbee driver.
8 years ago