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Ludwig Ortmann 644fb00583 travis: disable qemu unittests temporarily 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 43830dfb61 Merge pull request #2104 from OlegHahm/travis_doccheck
travis: check for doxygen warnings
9 years ago
Oleg Hahm 83da4a8738 travis: added doxygen check script to travis config 9 years ago
Martine Lenders 7713fa87dd travis: check PRs if they need squashing or depend on other PRs 9 years ago
Pham Huu Dang Nhat 0ece093a5e CI: removed AC in extern C check 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann d716f2d4a5 dist/licenses: add and use --error-exitcode 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 1574c2bb76 dist/licenses: add and use diff-filter 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann fc3301e246 Travis: use different emdebian mirror for now 9 years ago
Oleg Hahm dac5a91e04 travis: exit early on error 9 years ago
Oleg Hahm 1ea34ce38a travis: first executing shorter running scripts 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann f8b8ef3bab Travis: let cppcheck fail for new files
Change Travis configuration for cppcheck to fail on new files and keep on
warning about existing ones.
9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 1838f456c3 Travis: add externc check 9 years ago
Hinnerk van Bruinehsen 5af3ea285b travis: remove comment obsoleted by #1742 9 years ago
BytesGalore 2b88c1b1ec reverted forcing travis to install `gcc-arm-none-eabi=4-*` 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 5a772ddb43 Travis: merge install commands 9 years ago
René Kijewski ee145d8c2e Merge pull request #1689 from LudwigOrtmann/issue-1636-p1
Travis: enable apt caching
9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 811f07ab89 tests: run cppcheck for PR in Travis
Failures are ignored for now.
9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann b31bd22a2c Travis: enable apt caching
This should speed up the installation process a bit.
9 years ago
Martin Landsmann 5353ed663d force travis to use 4-* (4-8-2014q2-0precise9 or newer) gcc-arm-none-eabi due to a bug not
installing the c++ headers when installing the stock cross-compiler
9 years ago
Hinnerk van Bruinehsen 4ca3a49a5d tests: blacklist failing test on arduino-mega2560 9 years ago
René Kijewski 94b2e0815a tests: limit concurrency level
Some Travis CI machines have 32 CPUs. This sets our concurrency level to 33.
Travis CI kills our buildtest for obvious reasons.

This PR limits the concurrency level to 8 on Travis CI.
9 years ago
René Kijewski b2f819b5da Travis: auto rebase on master before running
It can happen that two PRs don't interfere with each other in the sense
that they hurt automatic rebasing, but still do not work together. The
prime example is PR1 changes the API of some function that PR2 uses. If
PR1 is merged, and PR2 is not rebased before merging, the error might
get unnoticed before the next build. Travis CI would have have told both
PR1 and PR2 are fine, but will complain (rather unnoticedly) that our
master does not compile.

This PR automatically rebases the PR on top of the current master,
before running the tests. If the automatic rebase fails, then this is
fine, because you will need to manually rebase again before merging,
anyway. The manual rebase, i.e. new push, will trigger Travis CI.

So, the main idea of this PR is that to can hit the "Restart Build"
button in Travis CI before hitting the merge button in Github.
9 years ago
Benjamin Valentin 905be2c26c setup git committer info in Travis
pkg/ Makefiles based on `Makefile.git` fail in Travis when attempting to apply patches with `git am` because no committer info is set.
This patch adds a dummy Travis username and mail in the 'install' step to satisfy git.
9 years ago
Pham Huu Dang Nhat d204e832a7 added sudo apt-get install g++-multilib to travis.yml 9 years ago
René Kijewski b17028bb46 tests/Travis: run unittests on x86, too 9 years ago
Ludwig Ortmann 7eed1dacc1 travis: add license checking rule 9 years ago
Martin Lenders cc8b98a948 Add unittests to .travis.yml 10 years ago
Martin Lenders e6f650e330 Remove superflous apt-get update from .travis.yml 10 years ago
René Kijewski abc84f10d4 Add basic travis-ci integration
This PR adds the basic integration for [Travis CI][tci].

The config file `.travis.yml` tells the server to setup the basic build
system, and run ``. If not all  examples and tests could be
built, then the Travis CI integration adds a warning to "merge" button on
the bottom of the Github page.

Of course this integration makes little sense until #1049 is resolved,
because new bugs and old bugs cannot be told apart. Also (of course)
only because everything still builds, a PR still can intruduce a
multitude of runtime errors.

This integrations is meant to work additionally to our Jenkings. Users
can activate the test in their own RIOT forks to run the test before
opening a PR to master.

10 years ago