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Joakim Nohlgård 339a4da9dc Makefiles: move to new directory /makefiles 6 years ago
dist cortex_m: Add debug symbols for OpenOCD/GDB thread support 6 years ago
include boards: fix I2C_APBCLK value in stm32-based boards 6 years ago
Makefile boards: changed module name to 'board' 7 years ago
Makefile.dep boards/stm32f3discovery: mapped LEDs + btn to SAUL 6 years ago
Makefile.features cpu/stm32/perip/dac: Move DAC implementation to stm32_common/periph since all STM32 DAC's have the same basics 7 years ago
Makefile.include Makefiles: move to new directory /makefiles 6 years ago
board.c boards: adapted LED initialization calls 7 years ago