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Test warning on conflicting features

Using conflicting features provided by boards was invisible for the user until the used features resulted in a traceable problem or the user was aware of the conflict in advance from documentation ect. Now, existing and known conflicts can be recorded into FEATURES_CONFLICT for each board to inform the user on a conflict situation during compile time.

This test requires conflicting features in its Makefile, i.e. FEATURES_REQUIRED = periph_dac periph_spi. It is expected to be presented with a warning on the conflicts with a short description message during compile time for the stm32f4discovery by now, i.e. :

$ make BOARD=stm32f4discovery
The following features may conflict: periph_dac periph_spi
Rationale: On stm32f4discovery boards there are the same pins for the DAC and/or SPI_DEV(0).

EXPECT undesired behaviour!

The warning presents the conflicting features derived from FEATURES_CONFLICT and an optional message derived from FEATURES_CONFLICT_MSG provided int the ./RIOT/board/stm32f4discovery/Makefile.features.

Whenever an application, such as this test, requires board features that match a conflict group, e.g. FEATURES_REQUIRED = periph_dac periph_spi, a similar warning to the above will be displayed during compile time.

###Usage of conflict groups:

  • Conflicting features are described in groups separated by a : (doublecolon) for each feature, e.g.: FEATURES_CONFLICT = periph_spi:periph_dac, which states that periph_spi conflicts with periph_dac. As seen above, this is the conflict of SPI_DEV(0) pinout is shared with DAC on the stm32f4discovery board.

  • Distinct groups of conflicts are whitespace separated, e.g.: featureA:featureB featureC:featureD, which states that featureA conflicts with featureB, and featureC conflicts with featureD. This also means, that e.g. FEATURES_REQUIRED = featureA featureD would not produce a warning.

  • The groups can have an arbitrary number of conflicting features, e.g.: featureA:featureB:featureC:featureX:featureY:featureZ

  • An optional information can be given using the FEATURES_CONFLICT_MSG, e.g.: FEATURES_CONFLICT_MSG = "featureA uses the same pins as featureB"

  • If the required features match multiple conflict groups, ALL conflicting features are provided to the user, e.g.: FEATURES_CONFLICT = featureA:featureB featureC:featureD and FEATURES_REQUIRED = featureA featureB featureC featureD would result in: The following features may conflict: featureA featureB featureC featureD