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## the cpu to build for
export CPU = stm32f1
export CPU_MODEL = stm32f103cb
# the spark-core uses its own custom linkerscript...
export LINKER_SCRIPT = stm32f103cb_sparkcore.ld
# set the default port
export PORT ?= /dev/ttyUSB0
export BINFILE = $(patsubst %.elf,%.bin,$(ELFFILE))
export FLASHER = dfu-util
export DEBUGGER = # spark core has no debugger
export RESET = # dfu-util has no support for resetting the device
export OFLAGS = -O binary
export FFLAGS = -d 1d50:607f -a 0 -s 0x08005000:leave -D "$(HEXFILE)"
export TERMFLAGS = -p $(PORT)
export INCLUDES += -I$(RIOTCPU)/$(CPU)/include/ -I$(RIOTBOARD)/$(BOARD)/include/
# setup serial terminal
include $(RIOTMAKE)/tools/
# this board uses openocd
include $(RIOTMAKE)/tools/