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Makefile.slip assumes use of a SAMR21 Xplained Pro. This file describes how we use the board as a border router. See the SLIP instructions for the gnrc_border_router example for more background.

Background -- Building

Build commands, for reference:

make clean BOARD="samr21-xpro"

# Use -f only for border router!
make -f Makefile.slip BOARD="samr21-xpro"

# Use -f only for border router!
make -f Makefile.slip flash BOARD="samr21-xpro" SERIAL="???"

make term BOARD="samr21-xpro" PORT="/dev/ttyACM???"

USB serial port

The USB serial port requires a USB-TTL converter cable with 3.3 V output.

Pin connections for SAMR21 board:

  • PA23 (RX) -- TXD wire
  • PA22 (TX) -- RXD wire
  • GND -- GND wire

Network configuration

We will define two networks:

  1. bbbb Between Border Router (BR) and Ubuntu host over TUN
  2. aaaa Between RIOT router node and BR over 6LoWPAN

We include two approaches to configuration below, automated via RPL, and manual via fib.

First, define a TUN interface on an Ubuntu host with tunslip, in the dist/tools/tunslip directory. In the example below, the tun interface is host 1.

cd ../../dist/tools/tunslip/
sudo ./tunslip6 -s ttyUSB0 -t tun0 bbbb::1/64
sudo ip -6 route add aaaa::/64 dev tun0

RPL-based configuration

Configure the interface to the bbbb network on the BR from the RIOT terminal. The example commands below assume SLIP is on interface 8.

# Set address for SLIP interface
ifconfig 8 add unicast bbbb::2/64
# Add the Ubuntu host to the neighbor cache
ncache add 8 bbbb::1

Next configure the interface for the aaaa network on the BR. Strictly speaking, it is not necessary to define this address. However, it is convenient for typing, because RIOT automatically creates a more verbose address based on the MAC address for the interface.

ifconfig 7 add unicast aaaa::1/64
rpl init 7

Next, configure the interface on the aaaa network on the RIOT router mote.

ifconfig 7 add unicast aaaa::2/64
rpl init 7

Finally, set the BR as the RPL DAG root.

rpl root 1 aaaa::1

Ping the TUN interface from the router mote, via the BR:

ping6 bbbb::1