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This package provides necessary Makefiles and glue code to use the Nordic S132 SoftDevice as Bluetooth BLE transport for RIOT's 6lowpan stack.


"gnrc_netdev_default" has a dependency to "nordic_softdevice_ble", so all examples automatically download the SDK and compile / link / flash all needed code.

If you want to manually set up included modules, add "USEPKG += nordic_softdevice_ble" to your application's Makefile.

See for instructions on how to set up 6lowpan over BLE on Linux.

Known issues

  • floating point ABI mismatch

The Nordic binaries are compiled using hard float ABI, which RIOT currently doesn't support (RIOT's context switching code doesn't preserve the floating point registers). If the softdevice is compiled in, RIOT will be compiled with hard float ABI in order for the linking to succeed. This works for some application, but will lead to serious and hard-to-find bugs for code using floating point instructions.

Hopefully, either the RIOT community adds hard-float support, or Nordic releases a soft-float version of the used binaries.