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This directory provides some porting information for libraries and programs to use with RIOT (to build an external module). If you'd like to add a package to RIOT you need to add a directory with the name of your package to this directory. Your directory should contain at least two files:

  • One or more patch files - Your patches of the upstream application of the package to make it build with RIOT.
  • Makefile- A Makefile describing how to get the upstream application, apply the patch and how to build the package as a RIOT module. A rough template for several methods of acquiring a package is provided in Makefile.git, Makefile.http, and Makefile.svn

Creating a patch with git

Assuming your upstream application resides in a git repository, you can create the patch files as follows:

  • checkout the targeted version of the upstream application
  • conduct necessary changes (e.g. edit, add, or remove some files)
  • commit your changes using git commit
  • create the patch files using git format-patch -n HEAD~N where N is the number of commits you did
  • move the resulting patch files to the corresponding subfolder of pkg