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René Kijewski faf9bb5073 tests: add ringbuffer unittest 9 years ago
embunit Fix a few cppcheck findings 9 years ago
tests-core tests&examples: apply coding conventions to sizeof 9 years ago
tests-lib tests: add ringbuffer unittest 9 years ago
tests-timex added conv function from uint64 to timex_t and one minor bug fix 9 years ago
Makefile make: don't use export on example makefiles 9 years ago Create unittest application 10 years ago
doc.txt Implement core unittests 10 years ago
main.c tests/Travis: run unittests on x86, too 9 years ago
map.h unittests: separate test suites from main.c 10 years ago
unittests.h unittests: use subfolders for different tests 10 years ago


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