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BytesGalore 2ef5cff688 Merge pull request #6072 from MichelRottleuthner/fatfs_testing
package: add generic FatFs
6 years ago
analog_util sys: s/adc_util/analog_util/ and added DAC mapping 7 years ago
arduino sys/arduino: Make SerialPort constructor explicit 6 years ago
auto_init saul/gpio: differentiate SENSE_BTN and ACT_SWITCH 6 years ago
base64 sys/base64: corrected output size determination 6 years ago
bitfield core: Fix/refactor function naming in core/incude/irq.h 7 years ago
cbor adapt to changed byteorder.h 6 years ago
checksum tests: provide unittests for ucrc16 6 years ago
cpp11-compat s adapted doc 6 years ago
crypto sys/crypto: remove 3DES 6 years ago
div sys/div: Add support for big 64 bit numbers 6 years ago
embunit *: remove trailing underscores from header guards 6 years ago
fmt sys: fmt: add fmt_float() and print_float() 6 years ago
fs doc: fix doc hierarchy 6 years ago
hashes sys/hashes: add AES-CMAC implementation 6 years ago
include net/gcoap: fixed/unified alignment in gcoap header 6 years ago
isrpipe sys: add isrpipe 6 years ago
luid sys/drivers: renamed uuid module to luid 6 years ago
net net/gcoap: make gcoap_op_state return count directly 6 years ago
newlib newlib: Use vfs for file I/O syscalls 6 years ago
od od: simplify od module to only provide od_hex_dump 6 years ago
pipe tests: adapt for arduino uno and duemilanove support 7 years ago
pm_layered pm_layerd: fix initial value for PM_BLOCKER_INITIAL 6 years ago
posix posix_sockets: fix use of fd_new 6 years ago
ps Merge pull request #6975 from OTAkeys/pr/ps_schedstatistics_fix 6 years ago
quad_math quad_math: fix or suppress cppcheck warnings 6 years ago
rtt_stdio rtt_stdio: update for new xtimer api 6 years ago
sema sys/sema: re-test value after owning mutex 6 years ago
shell Merge pull request #7028 from PeterKietzmann/pr_shell_ccnl_retrans 6 years ago
timex timex: unambiguous time conversion macros 6 years ago
trickle timex: unambiguous time conversion macros 6 years ago
uart_stdio uart_stdio: Bind uart_stdio to vfs fds for stdin/out/err 6 years ago
universal_address universal_address: fix cppcheck warning 6 years ago
vfs sys/vfs: A virtual file system (VFS) layer for RIOT 6 years ago
xtimer some (ptr == 0) -> (ptr == NULL) fixes (found by coccinelle) 6 years ago
Makefile Merge pull request #6072 from MichelRottleuthner/fatfs_testing 6 years ago
Makefile.include sys/vfs: A virtual file system (VFS) layer for RIOT 6 years ago