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Oleg Hahm 34908f11a9 Merge pull request #2257 from cgundogan/rpl_fix_srh_for_storing_mode
rpl: node-to-node communication broken (rpl_udp)
8 years ago
auto_init cc430: lpc2387: switch to new periph/rtc interface 8 years ago
base64 sys: add base64 encoding/decoding module 8 years ago
bloom sys: use typedef for `struct bloom_t` 9 years ago
cbor add parentheses to ENABLE_DEBUG in CBOR_NO_PRINT 8 years ago
color lint: reduce scope 9 years ago
config Merge pull request #1846 from thomaseichinger/at86rf23x 9 years ago
crypto lint: fix uselessAssignmentPtrArg 9 years ago
embunit embunit: fix outputters for msp430 8 years ago
hash_string sys: rename lib to hash_string 8 years ago
hashes doc: use lgplv2.1-short license header instead of lgpl-short-riot 9 years ago
include sys: add base64 encoding/decoding module 8 years ago
net Merge pull request #2257 from cgundogan/rpl_fix_srh_for_storing_mode 8 years ago
od sys: Initial import of analytical object dump (od) module 9 years ago
oneway-malloc doc: add or move module description where missing 8 years ago
pipe sys: doc: pipe.h spams the manual 8 years ago
posix Merge pull request #2118 from OlegHahm/simplify_cpu_folder_structure 8 years ago
ps sys: fix thread_print_all 9 years ago
quad_math doc: fix quat_math documentation 8 years ago
random make: detect their module name automatically 9 years ago
shell rpl: remove routing table dependent code 8 years ago
timex timex: update copyrights 9 years ago
transceiver transceiver: DEBUG instead of DEBUGF 8 years ago
uart0 initialize kernel_pid_t correctly 9 years ago
ubjson Add UBJSON library 8 years ago
vtimer vtimer: enable vtimer_gettimeofday as fallback 8 years ago
Makefile Merge pull request #1228 from OlegHahm/l2_ping 8 years ago
Makefile.include tests: make embUnit a normal sys module 8 years ago
chardev_thread.c core: introduce `msg_sent_by_int()` 8 years ago
doc.txt fix license headers in non-.c files 9 years ago