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Toon Stegen 7020b7c09c cpu/native: add args to async_read callback
this makes it possible to pass some generic pointer that's given back as
an argument when the callback is called.
7 years ago
Makefile native: add periph substructure 9 years ago
cpuid.c cpu: cleanup and unification of CPUID implementations 7 years ago
gpio.c native: add UART driver based on /dev/tty 7 years ago
hwrng.c cpu/native: adapted HWRNG implementation 7 years ago
rtc.c documentation: update my name (Ortmann -> Knüpfer) 8 years ago
timer.c native: workaround for thread_t name collision 7 years ago
uart.c cpu/native: add args to async_read callback 7 years ago